Lucrative Speaker Summit
The Lucrative Speaker
Summit begins at Noon PT on August 11th!
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Go From "Aspiring" Speaker to Inspiring Speaker

If you've dreamt of being on stage, motivating your audience, making them laugh, cry, maybe even change their lives...
If you want to be well paid for 1 hour of your time on stage, this is for you.
The Lucrative Speaker Summit
August 11-15, 2020

During this Power-Packed Experience, You'll Discover... 

•   How to get started as a speaker

   How to land a TEDx talk

  How to speak from the heart and connect with your audience

•   How to structure a speech, even if you're just starting out

•   And much, much more...

We've brought together the biggest names and heavy hitters in the industry and got them to reveal their secrets to winning on stage...
Absolutely FREE!

Sally Hogshead
Hall of Fame Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Sekou Andrews
Grammy Nominee & Spoken Word Poet

Allison Maslan
CEO of Pinnacle Global Network & Best-Selling Author

Russell Brunson
Co-Founder of ClickFunnels & Best-Selling Author

Eben Pagan
Entrepreneur & Marketing Guru

Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Best-Selling Author & International Speaker

Mike Koenigs
Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Dana Wilde
Mindset Expert & Entrepreneur

Jim Pancero
Hall of Fame Speaker & Founder

Jason Goldberg
Award-Winning Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

Craig Clemens
Copywriter with $1B+ in Sales & Co-Founder of Golden Hippo

Jack Chen
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of SWIDIA

Ashley Stahl
Career Coach & TEDx Speaker

JP Sears
Comedian & Life Coach

Dean Graziosi
Entrepreneur & NYT Best-Selling Author

Winston Clements
Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

Brad Costanzo
Business & Marketing Strategist

Peter Bielagus
Financial Author & Speaker

Jeanna Gabellini
Master Business Coach

Michael Bernoff
Speaker, Author & Results Coach

In Tribute...

Sean Stephenson
1979 - 2019

Many have said that Sean Stephenson was the greatest professional speaker they have ever seen.

He had an uncanny ability to command an audience, move them to tears one moment, and have them laughing the next.

He lived to be on stage and he wanted nothing more than to share that joy with the world.

He was my husband, my business partner, my dearest friend, and my greatest love. We dedicate this Summit to him.


Meet Your Host...
Mindie Kniss, MFA, PhD, is a writer, award-winning humanitarian, international speaker, and professional coach. She left a cushy Fortune100 career for the adventure of entrepreneurship, however the "adventure" almost ended soon after she started her business in 2007. Mindie hit rock bottom financially and was living out of her office after facing eviction, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.
Fast forward to today, Mindie is Founder & CEO of Lucra®, a coaching firm devoted to helping entrepreneurs create wealth in all areas of life.
Mindie has appeared on stages around the world at these organizations and more...
You Could Be on This Stage!
Let's take that speaking dream of yours and turn it into reality where your audience is hanging on your every word, you leave them breathless, and you're impacting millions of lives around the world.

Because here's the truth...
The world's on pause right now.
There's NO BETTER TIME to grow your skills and mindset to become a Lucrative Speaker.
Many thanks to our sponsor!
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