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Standing Ovation System™
60+ Hours of Video Training

You get lifetime access to over 60 hours of video training.

Sold separately, these programs are valued at more than $7,000.

What's Included?

Standing Ovation System™:  You'll learn how to put together your keynote speech using Sean's block system, plus develop the mindset you need to become a powerful presenter.

$10K Speeches™:  Video from our live speaker trainings featuring talks from:

  • Sean Stephenson, Professional Speaker who rated higher than the Dalai Lama (true story!) 
  • Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network®
  • Mindie Kniss, CEO of Lucra® and Coach
  • Dean Graziosi, Bestselling Author & Responsible for Over $1B in Sales
  • Kyle Cease, Actor, Comedian, and Speaker
  • Jay Abraham, Marketing Legend
  • Craig Clemens, Copywriter & Co-Founder of Golden Hippo 
  • Sekou Andrews, Grammy-Nominated Spoken Word Poet
  • Brian Kurtz, Direct Marketing Legend
  • Christian Mickelsen, Self-Made Millionaire Coach
  • Jason Goldberg, Coach, Speaker, & Author
  • Ian Lopatin, Founder of Spiritual Gangster®
  • In-Q, Spoken Word Poet
  • Larry Winget, Bestselling Author and TV Personality
  • Peter Bielagus, Professional Speaker & Author
  • And so many more

You'll learn the essentials of Message, Delivery, Marketing, and Attitude so that you get booked on stages and wow your audience.

Hypnovation™:  A 1-hour audio program where you'll learn to use hypnosis from stage so that you can resonate with your audience.

The Authentic Pitch™:  Sean's offer from stage where we made $250,000+ in one hour.  Study his technique so that you can persuade your audience to buy what you're selling. 

How to Be Funny on Stage and in Video™:  Over an hour of training on how to use humor in your talks to have your audience laughing and engaged.

The Cliffhanger Method™:  An hour training on how to use open story loops so you can keep your audience on the edge of their seats, just waiting to hear what happened.

Lucrative Speaker™:  Recorded in August 2020, you'll learn from industry giants such as:

  • Sally Hogshead, Hall of Fame Speaker & Author
  • Dean Graziosi, Bestselling Author & Responsible for Over $1B in Sales
  • Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels
  • Chris Voss, Former FBI Negotiator and Bestselling Author of Never Split the Difference
  • Eben Pagan, Online Marketing Guru
  • And more....
Original Price
Standing Ovation System™
$10K Speeches™ (Vol. I-III)
The Authentic Pitch™
How to Be Funny on Stage™
The Cliffhanger Method™
Lucrative Speaker™
Total Value:
How It Works
Standing Ovation System™ is a 6-week self-guided course (video training by Sean Stephenson).
Weekly content is "dripped" out to you each Sunday starting July 18th and ending August 22nd.
You'll get immediate access to Lucrative Speaker™ videos.
If you don't love the content, you have 1 week to request a no-questions-asked refund.
Bonus content ($10K Speeches, Hypnovation, etc...) is released following the refund period.
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TERMS:  We stand behind the quality of our products so if you do not absolutely love it, please email us within 1 week of the start of the course and we will happily refund your payment. No refunds will be processed after July 24th 2021.


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